Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to a encyclopedic online share trading

Trading with FINCOM iNDIA is a fast, easy, transparent and hassle free way to trade in shares. FINCOM iNDIA offers you a wide choice of products for investing in the stock market. It also allows you to invest in postal savings, mutual funds and other financial products. Simply put, we offer you a product for almost every investment need of yours.... and that too, simply at a click of a mouse.

What's so unique about FINCOM iNDIA?

FINCOM iNDIA offers you a super account with 3-in-1 account facility that gives you:
Convenience: The super account integrates your banking, broking and demat accounts. When you place a buy or sell order with FINCOM iNDIA, the system checks the funds and shares available in your bank and the demat account respectively and executes the trade on the exchange online. The bank account and the demat account is automatically debited or credited. This enables you to trade in shares without going through the hassles of tracking settlement cycles, writing cheques and transfer instructions etc.
Speed: You can get the latest quotes of scrips through FINCOM iNDIA and this enables you to place an order immediately.
Control: With FINCOM iNDIA, You get an order confirmation instantly. This ensure that you have indeed placed an order at the price you wanted to. Thus, you have complete control over your order.
Independence: With FINCOM iNDIA you can manage your your own demat and bank accounts directly and independently.


FINCOM iNDIA allows you various options while trading in shares.
Delivery Trading: This is a delivery based trading system wherein You can place orders for transactions intended for delivery. Through FINCOM iNDIA, You can buy and sell shares of about 2500actively traded scrips on NSE.
Intra day Trading: You can do an Intra day-settlement trading of up to 25 times your available funds. with margin money being as low as 5%.


You can trade in Futures & Options through FINCOM iNDIA. Using derivatives on Fincom iNDIA you can trade in :Index Futures and Index Options, Stock Futures and Options, CNX-IT, BANKEX.
Shares as Margin: Pledge/Unpledge your shares online and receive/reduce limits instantly to trade in Futures and Options.
Using these limits you can trade in contracts of 120 shares online.


FINCOM iNDIA helps you to invest and redeem over 20 Mutual Funds online. You can also invest systematically over a period of time by defining your own SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans), track the latest scheme NAVs and portfolio value. Everything online!!!!


Through this online mutual fund account, you can choose from over 1,000 mutual fund schemes and get in-depth reserch of past performance and analysis of each scheme.